Welcome to Netxilia

Netxilia is an open source online spreadsheet application written completely in Java. The client interface is built using HTML and Javascript.

Netxilia is focused on collaborative access to spreadsheets. It offers most of the key functionalities present in applications like Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. To improve the performance and to increase the limits of the spreadsheet storage, data is stored in regular databases in an easy-to-read format.


Netxilia is available on the Sourceforge site here. A bundle with Jetty and some popular database drivers is available for Windows and Linux.
You can also download only the webapp if you want to test it within your server.

Where can you use Netxilia?

Why Netxilia?

Spreadsheets are a great way to express business rules. Even though in the commercial world or free (but closed source) there are well-established leaders, in the open source world the situation is less established. Netxilia is a completely autonomous system using either internal or external relational database. There are several open-source applications similar to Netxilia, but very few developed in Java. The programming language is important as we see Java as one of the most important language for the open source business application. And we believe the key to the success of an open source project is its ability to be extensible and to attract contributors.


Netxilia already has numerous functionalities found in the spreadsheet applications you're already used to. We chose to implement in the first version those functionalities that made most sense to us for a regular usage. We're committed to add the missing functionalities based on the community demands. So if you'd like to start using Netxilia, but some key functionalities missing prevent you to do so, drop us a line at netxilia@netxilia.org and we'll do our best to integrate your ideas in our next releases.

So here is a non-exhaustive list of Netxilia's functionalities:

Original functionalities

Not depending on an existing library (e.g. POI) or storage format (e.g. Excel file), we have the freedom to propose functionalities that are not (yet ;) present into the other solutions. Even though the interface may look familiar to you, there are some differences that may improve greatly the way you work and share your work inside your organization.


Netxilia is built with the help of commonly used high performance Java and Javascript libraries. We'd like to say a special thank to all these folks who built these nice pieces of technology.

For database access, Netxilia uses spring-jdbc and a custom DDL library (derived from DDLUtils). It was successfully tested with H2, Derby, PostgreSQL, MySQL.


Netxilia is licensed under LGPL v3 license.